When Your Daughter Gets Her License

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Some people say that boys are better drivers, and parents (especially fathers!) tend to worry when their daughters approach the legal driving age. As parents, although it may be difficult, expressing your concern about the way your daughter may drive would possibly only make her feel more stressed about driving well. Aside from driving, having a license means daddys little girl is no longer constantly on his radar. Rather than making it known that you are dreading the day when your daughter flashes her brand new drivers license in your face, celebrate this very important milestone.

Most of the time, all girls hear when they get their license is, Really? I better get off the road! Or, they are told a million things that they should and should not do while driving. News flash: your daughter just invested a lot of time in drivers education. She spent hours on the road with a certified instructor. She passed the written exam and the road test. Therefore, she has heard about the million things already, and it would only ruin the day if she heard it one more time from you.

The day she receives her license should not be spoiled with a lecture (save it for the day after!). Instead, treat her like the driving queen she thinks she is. She feels like more of a woman than a little girl now, and she thinks her independence is now in her grasp. Let your daughter bask in this happiness. You should also reward her for getting her license. Get her a cake that says, Congratulations, Driver! and decorate the house with balloons and streamers. Buy her a few items for your car that she will soon think is her car. Some great gifts to give new drivers are seat covers, bumper stickers, floor mats, or a lanyard for keys. Better yet, buy your daughter a fashionable beaded lanyard as opposed to a plain generic one. Your daughter might think that the beaded lanyard is a pretty cool and thoughtful gift. However, it serves more of a practical than fashionable purpose. Lanyards are organizational tools, and so your daughters car key will be less likely to get lost. As long as the key is securely fastened to the lanyard, you will not have to worry about it floating around somewhere to be found, picked up, and used to steal the car!

Boys like to give girls a bad rap for being poor drivers. But despite a few who choose to put on makeup or check their hair in the mirror while cruising down the street, new drivers are extra cautious because people think they cannot drive. They do not want to rear end someone only to confirm that they actually are bad at driving. Instead, girls want to prove that they can handle the road. It is very nerve wracking to have your little girl behind the wheel. But rest assured, have faith that she will be safe. Most of all, you should be proud that she accomplished one of lifes most exciting milestones. Do not overshadow your pride with fear.
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When Your Daughter Gets Her License

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This article was published on 2011/02/21